March 31, 2020

Ricoh GR3 video review

I have now finished and published my video review of the Ricoh GR3.

I found this video difficult to complete. I had aimed to film the video in 4K and publish at 1080. I filmed the footage using the Sony AX53 in 4K. I had real difficulty editing the video in Lumafusion on the iPad. It turned out not to a Lumafusion issue but an iPad issue. I suspect that you cannot use XAVC-S clips over a certain length on an iPad. Due to this I reverted back to using a PC. I found my PC software frustrating and changed my editor after some time. I went back to Camtasia and while this was slow it did a good job.

I am to write a post soon about using Camtasia and the problems of using XAVC-S with an iPad.

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