August 10, 2020

Ricoh GRIII Vs. Fuji XF10

Some time ago I purchased the Ricoh GR III as an upgrade to the Fuji XF10. I love street photography and used the XF10 for street photography, but often got frustrated by it. The XF10 wasn’t a slow camera (I’d had slower focusing cameras) or a complicated camera. The camera would sadly just miss the shot. I found that while some images came out great, others didn’t get taken as by time I got the camera out and the subject focused on I’d already missed the shot.

The Ricoh GR III is much quicker to take an image from a cold start (getting it out of your pocket). 

What isn’t a surprise is that the both cameras have indistinguishable image quality. The Ricoh GRIII does have a few extras like a built in ND filter and highlight priority metering (which is amazing). These aren’t present on the XF10, but it is half the price.

In street photography you have to move quick to take an image and then move on afterwards. If you don’t get to take the image or you’ve missed the moment, it doesn’t matter how good the image quality is.

I find the GRIII much easier to work with than the XF10. It’s more consistent and successful in getting the image I want.

Both cameras have an F2.8 28mm equivalent lens, no notable difference in image quality and a pocket friendly size, but the XF10 is about half the price of the GRIII. Initially that’s what made me purchase the XF10 over the GRIII. Once I upgraded to the GRIII I sold my XF10. Is it worth twice the price, only you can answer that.


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