June 27, 2020

The Video Editors I am Using Now

I specifically purchased a 6th gen iPad for video editing. I also use it to make my 160s photography podcast.

I’ve released a video about the accessories and set up I have with the iPad. It dawned on me that I use different editors for specific tasks.

My main video editor is LumaFusion on the iPad. The simple reason for this is that it is very powerful and can handle editing and exporting 4K footage. My Fimi Palm is set to record 4K in H.265 and the iPad with LumaFusion handles this without any fuss.

Using LumaFusion on the iPad means I don’t need to spend a fortune on a mac or high-end PC. There’s also no subscription and the whole set up is mobile, so I can edit a video anywhere. Currently, that’s the sofa or the office :).

I also use online video editors like Wevideo and Flixer for short videos. I use Camtasia for when I’m doing screen recording, software reviews or just want to blur out/conceal specific details. No other program can beat Camtasia in this regard.

For explainer videos, I’ve tried a few pieces of software, but the jurys still out and I’ve not made my mind up yet. Once I have I’ll let you know which is the best.

[sub] iPad Video Editing Set Up And Accessories - powered by Happy Scribe

Welcome to this video, where I talk about my iPad mobile video editing setup.

So I had a lot of stuff on my iPad.

And you can see here I’m editing

the Fimi Palm Review or the Fimi palm mic review.

And I just want to talk about my setup.

So, first of all, you can see here I’ve

got a mouse and you can see on the screen that the mouse point to movies about.

So this is just a standard Bluetooth mouse.

And it enables me to just work through things really quickly here.

I’ve got the Logitech K480 wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

What’s good about this is it allows you to stand your devices up.

It’s got three switches here so you can use it with three devices.

So I can use this with my PC,my iPad and another device if I want

to. I import a lot of media into my iPad and I use a lot of devices.

So I do use a USB microphone for voice over work.

So I plug this into my iPad to enable me to use a USB microphone.

This allows me to sync up to a monitor

via HDMI so I can plug this in the iPad here and I can sync up to a monitor.

via HDMI.

So I’ve got an SD card reader,which is a similar size to this

that allows me to get video and photo falls off my camera and onto my iPad.

Sometimes I’ll need to use this device.

Particularly with Sony cameras.

Sometimes if you want to use the high bit rate video codecs,

you need to use this device rather than importing from the SD card.

This is the logi crayon and it acts inexactly the same way as the Apple Pencil.

It just allows you to moveand interact with your screen.

I can just rest it there on my keyboard.

And the last thing I use is I use airpods,

put these in a case just to keep them from getting scuffed up.

But they are airpods.

These allow me to wirelessly and over bluetooth to

just monitor the audio that I’m editing and that’s it.

And most of my videos I’ve done using this setup.

Thank you.

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