June 21, 2020

Unfair Fimrware

Xiaomi have been very good at releasing firmware updates to improve the functionality of the Fimi Palm.

While firmware updates generally make things better they can also make things worse. I updated my Fimi Palm to the v1122.02 firmware and then tried out a USB-C lav mic. The audio was terrible and I was about to write off the lav mic in a review. However, responding to a comment, I recognised the person who left a comment. They’d made a few comments about the Fimi Palm on my videos. Out of interest I checked out their videos. They had a short video comparing the v1122.02 firmware to the v1122.05 firmware. The difference was the audio recording had gone back to acceptable.

So before I did the review of the USB-C lav mic, I updated my firmware to v1122.05. It transformed the recording and restored the Fimi Palm to it’s former glory.

It was lucky that I checked out the firmware video, or I would have written off a good product in error.

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