April 29, 2020

How the Corona-virus lockdown has affected my photography

The corona-virus lockdown has affected my photography. It hasn’t made it better or worse, rather it has stopped it altogether. My genres of photography are street photography and fashion photography (where I mainly shoot outside on location).

I support the lockdown and I think it is right we make a small sacrifice for our own health, that of our family’s and the wider community. I feel that staying in and altering how I work and enjoy me free time is a small sacrifice to make. Of course I’d like to go out and resume normality, but only when it is safe to do so.

I’m sure many photographers have switched to taking macro photography during the lockdown, but I’m not that interested in doing this for a variety of reasons.

So in short I’m not really photographing anything. For this reason I’ve paused posting my street photography images to Instagram. I don’t think posting images of the recent past is something I want to do or is useful. You may disagree.

As you may be aware, I have a photography YouTube channel and a photography podcast. The podcast hasn’t been affected as, I don’t need to go out and shoot in order to discuss photography. There’s many episodes left to record.

Not being able to go out and shoot has meant that I’ve refocused that time into making YouTube videos. However, these have been on videography topics rather than photography. The reason for this is not only am I also a videographer, but it’s easier to make videos about video production when you can’t go out.

So my photography has been affected and my YouTube production has temporarily shifted to videos about videography rather than photography.

Stay in and stay safe.

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