February 26, 2020

Ricoh GRiii video quality

The Ricoh GRiii is known for its great image quality in a small compact form. These attributes make it an ideal camera for street photography. While the camera is niche, it does have standard features that you would expect to find in a digital camera.

I have done some video testing to see how good the video is.

The video quality is useable but is not better than a smartphone. I found the bit rate was low at around 20mbs.

The GRiii doesn’t have a mic input or the ability to manually adjust filming settings (it’s all auto). Available frame rates are 24p, 30p and 60p.

While the video quality isn’t super, there are some features that mean I’ll still use the video mode (on the GRiii) for some YouTubing. The macro mode (can close focus down to 6cm) feature will be used in making product review videos. I can do close up filming handheld (using the IBIS) at 60p and slow it down to 24fps in post to get smooth close up footage.

The highlight metering, built in ND filter, snap focusing and infinity focusing can all be used in video mode too.

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